Wait! What? There were Black Confederate Soldiers?

Which of the following statements are true?

[A] “There are at the present moment, many colored men in the Confederate Army doing duty…as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders and bullets in their pockets….” Frederick Douglas, former slave & abolitionist (Fall, 1861)

[B] Easily tens of thousands of blacks served the Confederacy as laborers, teamsters, cooks and even as soldiers. Some estimates indicate 25% of free blacks and 15% of slaves actively supported the South during the war.

[C] Blacks served the South because it was their home, and because they hoped for the reward of patriotism.

[D] Famed bridge engineer and former slave Horace King received naval contracts for building Confederate warships.

[E] A black servant named Sam Ashe killed the first Union officer during the war, abolitionist Major Theodore Winthrop.

[F] John W. Buckner, a black private, was wounded at Ft. Wagner repulsing the U.S. (Colored) 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

[G] George Wallace, a servant who surrendered with General Lee at Appomattox, later served in the Georgia Senate.

[H] Captured black cook Dick Poplar suffered cruelty by Yankee Negro guards at Pt. Lookout, MD for being a “Jeff Davis man.”