Do you know these black superheroes?

1.Marvel Comics’ first black superhero was a character drawn in full blackface fashion who appeared in the 1940’s war comic “Young Allies.” Created for comic effect only, he was portrayed as a helpless bufoon whose only purpose was to provide laughs as he fell into one dire situation to another. What was the name of the character?

2. Marvel Comics debuted this character in 1966. Definitely one of the first mainstream Black Heroes to be portrayed in a decent light, eventhough he was not created by a black artist. This character was the Leader of the imaginary Wakanda nation and a scientist at heart. He was portrayed as a dignified king and even the nation of Wakanda was a technologically advanced nation, in contrast to how Africans were depicted on “Tarzan” (a popular TV series at the time). MUCH RESPECT to Jack Kirby for not only having the wherewithal to create a Black character in the 60’s but to show one in a positive light. What was the name of this character?

3. Created by Tony Isabella in the 70’s, this character was actually DC’s first black superhero. DC had first wanted Tony Isabella to work on a character named “The Black Bomber”, but Tony protested, stating that the hero was basically a white bigot in black face. He posed the question to DC, whether or not their first black character should be a white guy beneath the surface. DC responded by giving him 2 weeks to create another black superhero from the ground up and thus this character was born. What was the name of this character?

4. This character was introduced in 1978, for the animated show “Superfriends” by Hanna Barbera. This character could manipulate electrical charges in order to travel through time, fly or create cages to trap villains. What was the name of this character?

5. Published by Marvel Comics, this character became the first black female superhero ever to star in her own title (1988) even if it was short-lived. What was the name of this character?

6. Created by Don McGregor, this character appeared in the first Graphic Album ever published for the direct sales market, a book that proved an independent comic could survive on its own merits without corporate backing. This book was highly controversial in the 70’s because of the interracial and highly sexual relationship between the main character and Melissa Siren, a white woman. What was the name of this character?

7. Artist Todd McFarlane’s creation made a huge splash in the comicbook industry when the first issue sold 2.1 million copies. Currently, this character has migrated into multiple comic series, he’s had an animated series on HBO, a feature-length movie, toys, and a playstation video game.

8. This comic company was founded in 1993 by a coalition of African-American artists and writers, consisting of Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle. The founders believed that minorities were severely underrepresented in American comics, and wished to address this. This company published comics in collaboration with DC Comics but retained editorial control. What was the name of this company?

Black History Quiz Answers

  1. Whitewash
  2. The Black Panther
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Black Vulcan
  5. Captain Marvel aka Photon
  6. Sabre
  7. Spawn
  8. Milestone Comics

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